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Route in Krāslava

Meeting with the guide in Krāslava (Pils Street 2, Counts Plāters Complex).

Excursion around Krāslava:
- Krāslava Palace of Counts Plāters (external examination) -a walk in the park.
- Monument to Karņickis and Love Spring – very picturesque place with a panoramic view to Daugava.
- Austriņa stone – Latvian writer Antons Austriņš created his works while living in Latgale near this great stone.
- Priedaine observation tower (32 m) – one of the highest wooden observation towers in Latvia, which offers a wonderful view of the river Daugava.
Lunch in Latgalian taste in the cafe “Daugava” or Latgale Culinary Heritage Center.
- Visiting ceramist Valdis Pauliņš. An opportunity to participate in the process of making ceramics, as well as try your hand in pot making.
- Visiting Krāslava Roman Catholic Church, excursion. The church is the most impressive Latgalian Baroque architectural model. The building of theological seminary (external examination). The first higher education institution in Latvia existed in Krāslava – Krāslava Theological Seminary.