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Kraslava Crafts Center

Phone: +371 26348644, Pils Street 10, Kraslava


The Krāslava Crafts Center cherishes ancient crafts every day and hands over the skills of these crafts to the visitors of the center.

The offer:

  • Talented potters Olga and Valdis Pauliņi will introduce traditional Latgale ceramics in the pottery workshop;
  • woodworking master Aivars Andžāns will show the basics of woodworking and tell interesting facts about trees;
  • you will enter the world of weaving under the guidance of creative weaver Aina Guba;
  • the secrets of making leather jewelry will be revealed by Ludmila Morozova. 
  • The Craft Center also has a Latgale culinary heritage workshop, where you can see how a Russian kiln looks like and taste the products of local home producers.

By applying in advance, you can go on a tour and see how the craftsmen work. It is also possible to book an excursion with a master class, in which visitors can be actively involved.