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Karnicky monument

Phone: +371 656 22201, Augusta Street (behind number 28), Kraslava

A picturesque place that has a connection with a romantic legend about a big and devoted love between Count Plater’s daughter Emilia and a Polish officer Joseph Karnicky. A fascinating event which had a tragic end happened in 1838 in Kraslava.
At one of the dancing parties Count Plater’s daughter Emilia got acquainted with the owner of Eversmuiža, a military officer Joseph Karnicky. The young people fell in love with each other. Count Plater was against that love, he had planned to marry Emilia off to a wealthier man and a notable representative of their family circle. Emilia and Joseph decided to kill themselves on one day: Joseph had to shoot himself on one of Kraslava’s hills, but Emilia had to jump out of the window of the third floor of Kraslava castle. After seeing the sign Joseph shot himself, but Emilia was saved by a servant at the last moment. Joseph was buried on the place of his death. The monument was built. The inscription on the tombstone said: “Don’t judge and you won’t be judged as well”. Next day a spring sprung out from the mountain. It is said that whoever drinks the water from the spring on the night of Jaņi with his loved one will be happy and loved till the end of his life.
After some years his remains were reburied in Eversmuiža, but the monument remained in Kraslava. The beautiful story of the big and faithful love is told from generation to generation. That place is named Karnicky’s Hill or the Hill of Love.

At the top of the hill, a telescope has been installed for an even better experience.