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Pie Rīgas ielas 54. nama, Krāslava



This is the place where the first monumental stone building in Kraslava - the town hall was located. Its construction began during the economic prosperity of Kraslava around 1752, thanks to the implementation of the town development plan by the owner of Kraslava Count Broel Plater.In the second half of the 18th century, Kraslava was already a successful trade center and boasted excellent quality local products - velvet, rugs, golden and silver products, which were successfully exported to Lithuania, Poland and Russia.

The main decoration of Kraslava Market Square - the town hall was built according to the Polish architecture and construction of the time, influenced by the late Baroque architecture.It was an impressive two-storey stone building with a high attic roof and a massive octagonal tower in the center of the building, crowned by a two-levels baroque spire - a clock, a bell and a weather vane. Traditionally, town halls had scales, customs, trade premises, a courtroom, a prison, an archive and offices for civil servants.

The market square with the town hall was compositionally connected with the Count Broel Plater palace and the church, the inclusion in the overall landscape of the city was significant.

At the beginning of the 19th century, the town hall, like most of the buildings in Kraslava, suffered a fire, as a result the tower and the second floor of the building were demolished, but the first floor was used as a culture house and later as a sports school. The basements of the building were filled after the Second World War. In 2016, the building was demolished.

The environmental object “Town Hall” was created in the summer 2021 by artists Mairita and Ivo Folkmaņi based on a drawing by K. Rēmers.

The establishment of the object was supported by the State Culture Capital Foundation within the framework of the Kraslava Municipality Council project “Establishment of the Environmental ObjectKraslava town hall”.