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Konstantin Raudive cultural and historical heritage center

Skola street 12, Asune, +371 26287820 


The cultural and historical heritage centre of Konstantin Raudive includes the K. Raudive memorial room, the regional research room “Osyuna” and the “Asunes school” memorial room.

K. Raudive’s memorial room. Konstantin Raudive (born on April 30 1909 in Asune parish, died on September2 1974 in Badkrocingen, Germany) was latian psychologist, philosopher and parapsychologist, who studied the possible life after death, created his own method for recording the voices of dead people using “electronic voice” phenomenon.

Local history room “Osyuna”. Here you can see old household iteams and tools, books of older and newer editions, collections of old sprints, money, badge postcards, as wellas reminisce about Soviet times. The history of the school is also kept here. The number of exhibits is growing all the time.

Memorial room “Asune school”. For many years Asunes elementary school could be proud of the fact that Konstantin Raudive started his schoolong right within the walls of this school and was able to become a recognizable and important person in lAtvia and other countries of world. However, in 2021, when the doors of Asune elementary school closed, it was difficult to say goodbye to the history accumulated over the years, which also became the reason for the creation of the school’s memorial room.

Visiting memorial room you can see various teaching materiāls, student’s diaries and notebooks, while school graduates have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the momories of their school days by looking at photos starting from 1967.