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Rogu house, Kastulina parish +371 26264488

Farmstead "Anastasija" is located  14 kilometers from Aglona. Not far from Priežmale. Ilze Geraņimova Lake is about 1 km away.

The house is guarded by a large, friendly sheepdog Chani. You can buy domestic chicken eggs on the farm as well as fresh vegetables grown in the garden. It is possible to buy fresh dairy products. House has a very beautiful courtyard with flower beds and decorations. There is a picnic area with a gazebo and barbecue nearby. Holidaymakers are offered a sauna with a pond. There is a small heated room for celebrations. The house has a Russian oven.

About half a kilometer away the village has a large football field, volleyball court and training wall. A deer race and a fox game in the meadow(ask the hosts for details). Owner Vadims is a carpenter. It is possible to make a wooden cat, owl, bunny and other figurines with your own hands.