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Farm “Brieži”

Phone: +371 20236977, Brieži, Udrišu rural municipality,

Beekeeper Inga Eizenberga in her farm „Brieži” has about 70 beehives. In the farm are kept Carnica and Buckast bee races. In the surrounding of the farm are cultivated different nectar plants – sweet clover, phacelia, mustard fields, which are used for bee apiaries and for seed materials. Farm has a big blackcurrant garden. Bee farm is located in an ecologically clean place – nature park „Daugavas loki”/”Daugava bends”.
Farm „Brieži” offers honey and bee bread degustation.
Special offer: Blend of honey „Bee bread in honey”

Bee bread in honey by the nutrition is equivalent to the bee bread in granular form. Honey adds extra sweetnes to the bee bread, as well as gives the consistence of the dough. Bee bread in honey is recommended to take by 1 teaspoon 3 times a day.
Bee bread in honey contributes to strengthening of immunity system, restores the body nutrient reserves, it is recommended as the food supplement on a daily basis.