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Horse ranch "Klajumi"

Phone: +371 29472638, Kaplava rural municipality, Kaplava,

Good place for those who like nature. The perfect place to spend time with friends and family. In horse ranch, there are 13 horses: Berta, Raita, Zemene, Skanda, Legatne, Selda, Vērdiņš, Flora, Blāzma, Alfa, Dundurs, Sapnis, Deposs. The horses are clever, predictable and good for riders who haven’t any experience in horse riding. Enjoy horseback riding and the romantic of a village in the nature park “Daugavas loki”

Horse ranch “Klajumi” offers:
• 2–7 days Horseback riding routes in the nature park “Daugavas loki” and in Latvian–Belarusian borderland. Hikes include: horses, guide, accommodation, sauna, catering.
• Horse- Drawn Carriage ride.
• Reittherapy and relaxation exercises on the horseback.
• Bathhouse and accommodation in the apartments of „Klajumi” (nine places).
• Accommodation in the apartments of „Klajumu Ķemeru” and blackstyle
(smoke) sauna ( seven places).
• Accommodation in the apartments of „Klajumu Ganiņu” (eight places). Also for people with special needs.
• Accommodation in the apartments of “ Klajumu Krastos” (four places) in the bank of the river Daugava.
• “Odu taka” (The path of mosquitoes) -forest and bog landscapes.
• Dishes of Latgale Culinary Heritage from natural products grown on the farm