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Horse ranch "Klajumi"

Phone: +371 29472638, Kaplava rural municipality, Kaplava,,

Good place for those who like nature. In 2013, the farm was awarded by a label „Latviskais mantojums” /”Latvian Heritage”/. The perfect place to spend time with friends and family. In horse ranch there are 16 horses: Berta, Raita, Zemene, Skanda, Legatne, Selda, Vērdiņš, Flora, Blāzma, Alfa, Dundurs, Sapnis, Deposs... The horses are clever, predictable and good for riders who haven’t an experience in horse riding. Enjoy horseback riding and the romantic of village in nature park “Daugavas loki””

Horse ranch “Klajumi” offers:
• 2–7 days Horseback riding routes in the nature park “Daugavas loki” and in Latvian–Belarusian borderland. Hikes include: horses, guide, accommodation, sauna, catering.
• Horse- Drawn Carriage ride.
• Participation in weddings. Wedding cart and escort. Wedding gates with different attractions for newlyweds and guests can be provided. Information about farm and horses.
• Reittherapy and relaxation exercises on the horseback.
• The rental of horse trailer (for two horses)
• Bathhause attendant services.
• Participation in celebrations and festivals.
• Bathhouse and accommodation in the apartments of „Klajumi” (nine places).
• Accommodation in the apartments of „Klajumu Ķemeru” and blackstyle
(smoke) sauna ( seven places).
• Accommodation in the apartments of „Klajumu Ganiņu” (eight places). Also for people with special needs.
• Accommodation in the apartments of “ Klajumu Krastos” (four places) in the bank of the river Daugava.
• “Odu taka” (The path of mosquitoes) -forest and bog landscapes.
• Dishes of Latgale Culinary Heritage from natural products grown on the farm