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Sports amusement Park "Between Heaven and Earth"

Adrese: Bartkeviči, Ūdrīšu pagasts

Phone: +371 26172091,, 

Phyto sauna is a unique way to cleanse your body and improve your figure. The advantage of the phyto sauna is thatit is specially designed to keep the head outside the phytosauna during the procedure, preventing the respiratory organs from being exposed to vapor and high temperatures, resulting in a more efficient process and without unwanted side effectsCedar phyto sauna relieves stress and muscle tension after physical exertion. The procedure increases endurance, and also contributes to the rapid recovery of muscles after training. In addition, using the cedar barrel allows you to get rid of cellulite and overweight! In 15 minutes, you burn as many calories as after a five-kilometer run. The procedure promotes deep relaxation, and also causes the release of hormones of joy - endorphins.