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ALPA, relaxation and retreat

Phone: +371 27044145, Berjozki, Piedrujas rural municipality,


ALPA is located by one of the deepest lakes in Latvia - on the shore of Gara lake (56 m), near the Museum of Happiness in Indra.

It is a place with a charming view of the lake, where you can completely merge with nature while spending time in silence, enjoying the peace of the surroundings.

Sergej, the owner of ALPAS, offers both individual travelers and tourist groups relaxation in an arbour on the shore of the lake, enjoying tea and listening to the sounds of the Jew's harp, didgeridoo and tambourine. Everyone will find something special here - someone will be able to relax from the daily routine, looking at the smooth surface of the water, and someone will be filled with energy by the sounds of ethnic instruments.

Possibility to take a bath in the sauna, as well as stay overnight (without special comfort) in tents/sauna/barn (up to 30 people in total). Parking for campers. Professional masseuse services.

Benefits: relief from stress, inner peace, new energy in the body, renewed life values and harmony with oneself. Apply in advance!