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Chair by the Daugava

Kaplavas street, on the bank of the Daugava

In 2017, Rēzekne businessman Artūrs Zeiļa, through the family and support of the artist Folkmanis, donated a special stone to the city of Krāslava. Part of the stone was cut off, resembling a chair in appearance and function. This is also why the object seemed to belong to Krāslava, as it fits in with one of the legends about the origin of Krāslava's name. Ivo Folkmanis created an in-depth inscription "Daugava" and an iron raft motif on the stone. From different angles, it seems that the raft is floating along the Daugava. You can play with the element successfully, constructing a long-gone reality, a time when the Daugava was an important part of the waterway from the Varga to the Greeks, namely from the Baltic to the Black Sea.