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Adamova nature path

Phone: +371 65622201, the beginning of Augusta Street, Krāslava,

Nature is all around us. And the best way to explore it is to go to nature yourself. Entering Krāslava from the side of Daugavpils, there is a unique natural place that has been established for a long time. Adamova Nature Trail attracts visitors with its special charm. It winds through the specially protected landscape area "Augšdaugava" and the nature park "Daugavas loki". The trail loops in all directions and challenges you to climb up and down the ravines and hills, enjoying the magic of the pristine forest. Bridges, stairs and observation decks with breathtaking views of the ancient Daugava valley will not leave anyone indifferent.

Walking along the trail you can watch rare plants, multi-stem lindens, and large stones, meet squirrels, frogs and birds. While walking leisurely, you can hear loud birdsong, the muffled sounds of the Daugava water, and the wind.

The Adamova trail is 1.8 km long, suitable for lovers of active walks, as it throws loops both up and down. There are stairs on steeper hills, bridges over ravines and streams. During the walk, pedestrians will be delighted by the wooden sculptures that await the guests of the trail on the section along the Daugava.

It is possible to follow the trail along two routes: walking along the entrance from the right, you can go for a walk along the entire trail route (1.8 km), which is suitable for active walking; the second route, which has to go through the entrance, which is slightly to the left, is simpler and suitable for an easy walk along the Daugava.

Adamova nature trail is beautiful and enjoyable in every season, but it is especially delightful in spring when anemones bloom profusely here, and in autumn, when nature is painted in bright colors.

In 2021, the infrastructure of the nature trail was renovated, information stands, wooden sculptures, and benches were installed, on which to breathe and listen to the songs of birds.