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Adamova nature path

Phone: +371 65622201, the beginning of Augusta Street, Krāslava,

Adamova’s nature path is one of the most splendid places of the nature park “Daugavas loki”. This path was created by the students and the staff of Daugavpils University in 1994. The configuration of the path is rather complicated, looping and going up and down. The length of the path is 1,8 km and it begins from the observation place of the Kraslava castle mound. Everyone has got a chance to get acquainted with the variety of nature, to enjoy picturesque views, to pass mysterious labyrinths and to observe the unique work of nature. These places are favorable for existence of the richest examples of flora and fauna. 755 species of fern are found there - 45% of existing in Latvia, as well as 50 from 79 variety of snails met in Latvia. According the researches such protected species of birds as a black stork, a seagull, a white woodpecker were found in this area. Different wooden statues make the walk more interesting for the children.