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Adamovas castle mound, Kraslava chair

Observation area

Coming to the town from the direction of Riga the guests can see Adamovas castle mound. It is situated on the edge of the ancient Daugava’s valley between two deep ravines. The height of the hill is 40 m. As many other places on the banks of the Daugava, this ancient hill was inhabited, too. In 1958 archeologically unexplored ancient hill was destroyed because of the constructive works on a new Riga – Kraslava highway. No­wadays the observation area of the castle mound is the most favourite place for walks and rest of the town’s inhabitants and guests.

Kraslava chair

At the place where everyone can enjoy a scenic outlook of Kraslava and the river Daugava bends, can be seen 2,5 m tall chair. Why exactly chair? The answer is connected with the name of the town Kraslava. The name comes from Latgalian word “krasls” – a chair, because bends of the Daugava near Kraslava resembe a chair. This version is fortified by the stories from the past when the Daugava was a navigated commercial artery. Many rafts ran aground near Krāslava and formed “krāsls”- a chair. The idea of creating of the chair frames belongs society „Kruoslovys amatnīku broliste”.