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Address: Jaudzemi, Šķeltovas pagasts

Phone: +371 29528218, +371 22105291,

Season: V-IX

Service language: LV, RUS, ENG

Number of places: 8

A cozy place to relax in an old Latgale farmstead, in a corner of nature far from civilization, where you can enjoy the sounds and peace of untouched nature! You can also choose to spend the night in an ancient barn, and there are also caravan sites with electricity connections and tent sites next to the apple orchard, water from a well, a fireplace, and a refreshing pond.

The country house offers:

  • Black sauna.
  • A spacious tent or hay barn for larger outdoor parties.
  • Take part in the process of bread baking, various art activities, playing music, as well as collecting herbal teas and mushrooms.

Guests can be acquainted with the historical evidence and objects of the ancient village of Jaudzemu (1890). It is possible to ride a bike to the nearest lakes and villages, enjoying the beauty of Latgalian nature!

Nearest grocery store: Šķeltova (2 km)

Nearest gas station: Aglona (15 km)