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Drūjas kalni

Address: Drūjas kalni, Kalvīši, Aulejas pagasts

Phone: +371 26360796,

Season: all year round

Service language: LV, RUS

Number of places: 10

On the first floor, there is a sauna and lounge with a fireplace, as well as a small kitchen with dishes and appliances. On the second floor, it is possible to spend the night on mattresses. There is a shared shower and dry toilet. Holidaymakers have to use their own bed linen and towels.

There are several arbors, barbecue areas, and ponds in the area.

The holiday house offers:

  • Tent sites.
  • Sports field.
  • Country sauna.
  • Rowing boat, swimming rings.

In summer it is possible to buy local fruits and vegetables. Pets friendly holiday house.

Nearest grocery store: Auleja (5 km)

Nearest gas station: Krāslava (18 km)

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