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Pie Okras ezera

Address: Vecokra, Andrupenes pagasts

Phone: +371 25428150, +371 26473072,

Season: V-X

Language of service: RUS

Number of places: 40

Holidaymakers are offered 3 houses on the shores of Lake Okras.

1st house - 18 places (7 rooms), 2nd house - 14 places (6 rooms), 3rd house - 8 places (4 rooms). Each house has 2 toilets (one on each floor) and 1 shower on the 1st floor. Bed linen and towels are provided. Guests have access to a kitchen with kitchenware and appliances. One of the houses has a fireplace.

Guests have access to a beach, children's playground with trampoline and swing, terrace, barbecue area, parking. You can go fishing in Lake Okras. There are 2 arbors next to the houses.

The Recreation complex offers:

  • Volleyball and basketball courts;
  • 2 rowing boats and a kayak;
  • 2 country baths (in the 1st and 3rd house) with bath brooms and a sauna in the 2nd house;
  • Tent sites.

Nearest grocery store: Astašova (2 km)

Nearest gas station: Dagda