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Holiday house "Mežābeles"

Phone: +371 29492045, Čenčupi, Skaista rural municipality,

Holiday house Mežābeles, is located in ecologically clean, natural protected area Dridzis Lake Nature Park. Place is located 17 km away from the city surrounded by forest, meadows, clear lake - rich in fish.
Guests are offered accommodation and holiday home with a romantic view of the sunset in the lake from the balcony of the room, as well as outdoor tents beside the lake. If you want to have a break from the everyday rush, the peaceful and quiet fishing lake in the middle of the backyard is waiting for you, where you will enjoy the melodic sounds of birds and watch fish underwater dance, you will find the right place for relaxation of the soul.
Holiday house owner is offering the lecture "Flower and tree therapy". Everyone has their own tree and flower, which can be treated and released from accumulated stress. Sometimes a simple walk in the open air - in the wood or meadow is the best medicine and peace of mind. After walk, fishing, swimming or other activity hostess offers to the guests the herbal tea and honey degustation. Offer for applying for the "Flower and tree therapy" lectures.
Season from May to September. Book your visit in advance.