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Nature park "Daugavas loki"

Phone: +371 656 22201, +371 65471321, Udriši, Kaplava rural municipalities in Kraslava region, Saliena, Skrudaliena, Vecsaliena, Tabore, Naujene rural municipalities in Daugavpils region,,,,,

Daugavas loki (bends) is a nature park in Daugava river valley between Kraslava and Naujene in Augsdaugavas protected landscape area. The territory of park is 129.9 km2, 76 km2 of which are located in Daugavpils and 53.9 km2 in Kraslavas region. It had been founded in 1990 to preserve the unique and peculiar Daugavas river valley landscape, its valuable natural complexes, its biodiversity of plant and animal species, as well as its cultural-historic monuments. The most characteristic nature feature of "Daugavas loki" is 9 big Daugavas river bends (meanders) between Kraslava and Naujene. Each of this river bend's length reaches up to 4 - 6 km, but the distance between the bends on the straightaway is only 2 - 3 km. Each of these bends has its own name. In 2011, it was included in the Latvian national list of the UNESCO World Heritage.