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Camping Lielbornes muiža

Address: Lielbornes muiža, Lielborne, Salienas pagasts, Augšdaugavas novads, LV5469;

Phone: +371 29284480;;;   

Working time: aprīlis-oktobris

Sevice language: LV, RUS, ENG

Total amount: For campers - 10 places, for tents - about 50 places

Enjoy the nature near the Daugava River! You will be surrounded by nature and history at Lielborne Manor Camping. The building of the Lielborne Manor, the new and old castle, the historic outbuildings, the mill waterfall and the steep slopes of the Borne River. Lielborne manor is located in the nature park Daugava loki, and being on the bank of the river, the owners of Lielborne manor are happy to welcome boaters, they also offer full service boat rental in Daugava loki.

The recreation complex has a large landscaped area, park walking paths, children's playgrounds and a rope course, which opens up opportunities for both quiet enjoyment of nature and active recreation. There are several tent areas with tables, benches, fire places, allowing different companies to enjoy a private rest. Some settle closer to the mill pond, others to the Daugava, some to the children's playground.

Useful information: Little tricks can also be realized in the Lielborne manor, adults or families with babies can choose to stay in a hotel, while teenagers can stay in a campsite, thus also saving money, but not at the expense of recreation!

Utility House: There is a well-equipped utility house with WC, showers, small kitchen, drinking water. Also accessible to people with mobility impairments.

Waterway, bicycle path and "Ezertaka": The campsite is on the way both by boating along the Daugava from Indrica, Krāslava, Skerškāni, and by cycling route no. 35 Daugavas loki, as well as by going on a long hike along the Ezertaka. Hikers can also rent tents, Lielborne Manor is "Hiker Friendly".

Coffee, breakfast, dining: There is a chance to "catch two birds with one stone". Spend the night in a tent and enjoy the whole spectrum of romance, but in the morning buy a delicious breakfast coffee at the manor bar, or even order a nobleman's breakfast, tasting it on the manor terrace. Noble breakfast together with a cup of coffee will cost 10 EUR per person. It should be noted that the dinner offer of the manor restaurant and the goodies of the bar are also available to all our guests. Here is an opportunity to get acquainted with the culinary heritage of Latgale and the vision of the real Latvian hostess Nora Poiša for the dishes served at the Lielborne Manor, most of which are prepared from products grown here.

Lielborne Manor offers:

  • Living in a hotel or camping.
  • Catering (for groups and individual guests).
  • Informative recreation programs with participation, for example "3 days at noblewomen's skirt".
  • Tours of Lielborne Manor and nearby attractions.
  • Hiking and boating.
  • Boat, bicycle and SUP (on a pond) rental.
  • Equipped rooms for seminars: large hall 80 m2, 2 small halls 30 m2.
  • Possibilities to host extensive corporate/sports events.

Easy to relax: Shop 5 km, fuel station 16 km, Grāfu Plateru Palace 15 km, Daugavpils Fortress and Mark Rothko Center 35 km, horse riding "Klajumi" 7 km, Vecsaliena Manor 16 km; Long hiking route "Ezertaka" 0km, bicycle route No. 35 Bends of Daugava 0km.

The hosts invite you to make direct reservations! Reservations are also accepted through