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Address: “Rogu mājas”, Priežmale, Kastuļinas pagasts

Phone: +371 26264488,

Season: I-XII

Language of service: RUS

Number of places: 10

"Anastasija" is located 14 kilometers from Aglona. Not far from Priežmale. Ilze Geraņimova Lake is about 1 km away.

Holidaymakers are offered a two-story house, which has bedrooms, a kitchen with utensils and household appliances, a shower and a toilet. The house has a Russian oven. One of the rooms has a baby bed. Bed linen and towels are provided.

The house has a very beautiful courtyard with flower beds and decorations. There is a picnic area with an arbor and barbecue nearby. Holidaymakers are offered a sauna with a pond. There is a small room for celebrations.

It is possible to buy fresh dairy products. Guests can buy domestic chicken eggs as well as fresh vegetables grown in the garden.

About half a kilometer away the village has a large football field, volleyball court, and training wall. The owner Vadims is a carpenter. It is possible to make a wooden cat, owl, bunny, and other figures. The house is guarded by a large, friendly sheepdog Chani.