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Address: Silovi, Kalniešu pagasts

Phone: +371 25633636,

Season: I-XII

Language of service: RUS

Number of places: 15

Number of rooms: 5 (2 x double rooms; 2 x 3-bed rooms with extra sofa, 1 x 5-bed room with extra sofa). Bed linen and towels are provided. Facilities - shared. Guests have access to a kitchen with dishes and appliances, TV, Wi-Fi. In the complex there is a terrace, grill, tent sites, parking. Across the road (highway A6) is a lake where guests can go fishing. Pets friendly country house.

The country house offers:

  • Country sauna with bath brooms, towels and bath caps.
  • 1 sailing boat.
  • A variety of pets - sheep, goats, chickens, dogs and cats.
  • The opportunity to see the collection of paintings by the artist Jevģenijs Pohoduns, as well as a private collection of antique household items.

Nearest grocery store: Kalniesi (3 km)

Nearest gas station: Krāslava (11 km)