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Located on the shores of Lake Cērpa, 27 km from Krāslava.

Address: Čerpinski,  Aulejas pagasts

Phone: +371 29425895,

Season: V-IX

Service language: LV, RUS, ENG

Number of places: 8

Number of houses: 2

"Ritas" is a family house (6 places), located on the shore of Lake Cērpa. It has 3 double bedrooms, a lounge and a kitchen with dishes and the necessary appliances. There is a fireplace. The terrace of the house has a beautiful view of the lake. The house is equipped with amenities. Price includes bed linen and towels. Behind the house is a summer kitchen.

"Venice" (2 places) is a small house on the island in Lake Cērpa. A place for a romantic getaway. There is a BIO toilet. Terrace for relaxation.

The holiday house offers:

  • Sailing trips;
  • Yoga classes;
  • Gong and Tibetan-sounding meditation.

Pets friendly holiday house.

Nearest grocery store: Auleja (3 km)

Nearest gas stations: Aglona (24 km), Krāslava (27 km)