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Located 28 km from Dagda.

Address: Geraņimova, Kastuļinas pagasts

Phone: +371 29437987,,

Season: I-XII

Service language: LV, RUS, ENG

Number of places: 8

Number of rooms: 2

The guesthouse/sauna is located in a quiet, scenic place by the pond. There is also a separate beach area on the shores of Lake Roušons (a 5-minute walk away). The offer is suitable for a small company (maximum 8 people) or family vacation in a private and quiet place.

There is a room with two double sofa beds on the first floor and four comfortable single mattresses on the second floor.

The house has a small kitchen with dishes and appliances. Also, the guesthouse includes a sauna, porch, BBQ facilities, tent sites.