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Klajumi, Horse ranch

Address: Klajumi, Kaplavas pagasts

Phone: +371 29472638,

Season: I-XII

Service language: RUS, ENG

Total number of places: 27

Number of houses: 4

Holidaymakers are offered 4 houses located in the territory of the nature park "Daugavas loki":

"Klajumi" (9 places) is a cozy log house with a sauna. The ground floor of the cottage has a kitchen with a fireplace, dishes and other cooking utensils, a shower and a sauna. On the second floor and in the attic - beds. At the cottage - a picnic place with a log table and benches under the oak, grill and fireplace, swing, sandpit.

The cottage is located in the central part of the horse farm, almost next to it is a horse stable, a mosquito trail for walks, and a "Klajumu ķēķis" where you can enjoy delicious home-cooked food.

"Klajumu Ķemeri" (8 places) is a spacious house with a large living room, fireplace, bedroom, facilities (shower with heated floor), kitchen. The house has 3 bedrooms. Guests of Ķemeri have access to a black sauna.

"Klajumu Ganiņi" (6 places) is equipped with a kitchen and facilities. The cottage is also suitable for people with special needs. Shared facilities. There is a sauna and a picnic area.

"Klajumu Krasti" (4 places) is located on the bank of the Daugava, surrounded by forest. The small house has an aura of antiquity. It has a kitchen with a wood-burning stove, a lounge and 2 bedrooms, facilities. Black bath, antique room, well water.

Catering service in full by prior arrangement.

"Klajumu ķēķis" operates in Klajumi, where you can enjoy lunch and dinner of Latgale's culinary heritage, organize corporate and leisure events, meetings, celebrations. Also has a large terrace with a view of the farm and a pond.

Horse farm "Klajumi" offers:

  • Farm tours;
  • Riding with any of the 16 horses;
  • Carriage rides or sleigh rides;
  • Luxury carriage rental;
  • Car rental;
  • Black bath and tub;
  • Equine-assisted therapy (EAT);
  • Banquet and seminar hall for up to 30 people.

Pets friendly recreation complex.

Nearest grocery store: in Kaplava (2 km)

Nearest gas station: Krāslava (12 km)