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Address: Arkādijas, Kaplava pagasts

Phone: +371 27006998,

Season: all year round

Service language: LV, RUS, DE

Number of places: 19 (during the summer), 9 (during the winter), 3 extra beds available.

Electric car charging point.

Number of rooms: 7 (2 x 5-beds rooms, 2 x 3-beds rooms, 3 x 2-beds rooms). Bed linen and towels are provided. Facilities - 1 shared facility in one house, 3 separate facilities in other house.

In the house, there is a fireplace, TV, Wi-Fi. Guests have access to an arbor near the Daugava, as well as a barbecue area and a parking place. There is a children’s playground. Next to the guesthouse area is a forest for walks. There is a boat for fishing and trips on the Daugava.

Country sauna (6 places) with sauna brooms and towels. There is a small pond next to the sauna.